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White Arctic Fox Pelt

White Arctic Fox Pelt

This Arctic fox pelt is a captivating piece of natural beauty that brings a touch of rustic elegance to any space. Arctic foxes have incredibly dense, short and soft fur. It's the most insulating fur in the animal world and is absolutely beautiful to feel. This stunning fox pelt has been preserved with a garment tan to remain soft and supple for generations, creating a visually striking focal point for any home or display.

Each colour and pattern on the pelt is unique, ensuring that your display is one of a kind. The pelts may differ from the display photo but will be similar in terms of size, colour and markings.

The pelts are 150cm + in length when hanging. They are hand picked for long, dense and luxurious fur and immaculately groomed, creating a beautifully soft and supple texture.

The pelts have been case skinned for display, and so are missing feet and ears. Due to this they are not suitable for taxidermy


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