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Pets are a part of our family, bringing joy and unconditional love into our lives. The loss of a pet leaves a hole in our hearts, and the grief can be overwhelming. We understand how difficult it is to say good bye to a beloved pet, and so we offer a range of preservation options to create a memorial that will last a lifetime. Although they have passed on, we can still see them resting peacefully, feel their soft coat and remember them how they were for eternity.


Your pet is one of a kind and completely irreplaceable, and so they are treated with the utmost care throughout the preservation process. A high level of detail and many hours go into every step of the taxidermy process to create a beautiful memento that captures your pets individual look and personality.

Please contact us if you're considering this method of preserving your beloved pet but would like more information first. We are happy to discuss any questions and preparations needed, as well as payment plans if required. 




Our traditional taxidermy is all hand crafted and created using your individual pet as a reference to ensure the highest level of accuracy. This allows us to recreate your pets favourite sleeping position or any other position that reminds you of them. This memorial is a beautiful way to preserve your pet that will last a lifetime. Other services can be combined with taxidermy such as skull preservation or skeletal articulation.


Every pelt is individually tanned and groomed to ensure its preservation. We can preserve anywhere from the entire pelt to a simple small section of pelt. Paws are tanned and placed back over a sculpted replica to create a lifelike paw.


We only use gentle cleaning methods and no harsh chemicals to ensure museum quality products that won't degrade over time. Preservation can range from just the skull to the entire skeleton. Hand-made wooden memorial boxes can also be created to suit your pet.


The entire skeleton is meticulously cleaned and rearranged into your position of choice. These come with a wooden base and an optional memorial plaque.

Prices vary from pet to pet. Please contact us here for an estimated quote

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